Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is Three Really A Crowd

You've heard it said that two's company, three's a crowd.

I don't know if three's a crowd, but I do know that recently I sat my three grandkids 10,8, and 5, while their parents were on vacation. Let's just say that "Eight Is Enough" says it all.

Not that three was too much. But three takes a lot more energy than two. Now I know why God created the menapause plan. It's his way of protecting children from us women as we age.

Usually I keep my grandkids one at a time and do really well. Sometimes I keep them in pairs and that works too. But this time I got the big dose of three. Let's just say three triples your pleasure and triples your fun, not to mention triples the workload till it's overflowing. I don't see how mothers do it.

Getting ready for school in the morning is a full time job. Lucky for me that my daughter-in-law is super organized. Filling backpacks, drink glasses, homework folders and more takes a home efficiency expert. Cooking in someone else's house is like moving to a new home yourself. You remember. Wandering around the kitchen looking for where you might have put something -then finding it in the most unexpected place. Why it took me three days to figure out how to run the dishwasher. It's a good thing I'm creative. I discovered that coffee cups are a good substitue for measuring cups, and scrambled eggs cook really well on the pancake griddle. By the grace of God, everyone was dressed, bathed, teeth brushed, homework filled, and made it to school on time with snacks to boot

As for the after school activities. My son who is a whiz at the computer typed up all their activites by date with corresponding maps to follow. By the mirale of technology we made every appointment, soccer practice, soccer game, tumbling practice, birthday party, play date and more. Whew - makes me tired to think about it.

But would I trade these six days for the peace and quiet of my own home? Not on your life. Being an eye witness to the loving home they are growing up in and the lifestyle they live every day is a blessing that can't be counted. And the best of all, for a moment in time I was given a beautiful glimpse into the windows of their heart. Watching 5th grade Jack raise the flag and lead the pledge of allegiance as a patrol boy, experiencing Lily's first skating party, sharing ice cream and praying with James at the end of the day are memories I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China.

Is three a crowd? Not really - It's a page in the memory book of the heart of this very tired, but very grateful grandmother!

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